We have in our team, people working in the field of aviation and survivalfor over 30 years. Our products are adapted to the C.A.R. and all our staff is trained in order to offer you an high quality service.


  • We will manufacture for you survival kit and first aid kit adapted to your specific needs.


  • We will do the follow-up of the content of your kit to make sure that it is always in good shape, helping  you not having any trouble.


  • We can provide related products for your survival or first aid kit.


  • We will offer products to ensure your safety, your customers' one, the members of your family or anybody else that matters to you.


Among our main customers we find:


  • Government of Québec

  • Governmental air service (Canada)

  • Natural ressources ministry

  • Hydro-Québec

  • Several aviation's companies in the province of Québec

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