(pocket size, waterproof and untearable)

Survie Saguenay has launch, in September 2014, it's own survival booklet.  Practical 6'' x 6'' size allows this guide to include the basis regarding the survival principles.


Printed on waterproof and untearable paper, this guide is a must for all the people going into the forest or working in hostile areas.


Only available in French for the moment, this guide will be available in English as soon as possible. Selling price: 11.95$ + taxes + shipping (if necessary).





We offer an aviation survival kit completely adapted to the severe conditions of the North-American climate. No matter if it is for a leisure aircraft or a commercial airplane, our products are designed according to the Canadian aviation Reglementation (C.A.R.) setted up by Transport Canada. The design and the manufacture of our survival and first aid kits are also done according to the particular needs of our customers.


Our team closely watch the new requirements of Transports Canada in order to offer a product which meets the standards of navigability.


Your safety is our greater concern. We offer you this safety in the form of a complete and compact unit. The kit gathers, in a very effective way, all the required equipment to ensure your survival. If you have to travel in potentially hostile environments or to get the peace of mind, the “AVIATION” survival kit is a must.


The “AVIATION” survival kit was built by pilots and experts in survival. Convenient, light, compact and at a very accessible price, the “AVIATION” survival kit allows you to fly in peace, all the time.



The perfect addition to the survical kit, the first aid kit is an essential tool for all categories of people.

The basic kit includes the necessary equipment for first aid intervention in an incident. Complete, compact and easy to carry, the Survie Saguenay first aid kit is a mandatory tool for all.

Survie Saguenay offers this basic model as a minimum kit to have, but can also upon request, design a kit to meet the specific needs of clients. The material included in our first aid kit is top quality and provides users easy use of the content.



Several companies have very specific needs that can not be met with a traditional kit.


With the custom design service, Survie Saguenay makes sure to meet all needs and all specific demands of its customers. Our qualified staff will take time to know about the customer's needs and check the regulations if necessary.


We will use our most up-to-date knowledge to propose a kit that suits your needs  and provide all the equipment is included.


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